SC Pannell at Fins

Remy and Vic had a fabulous night at Fins, meeting the gorgeous
winemaker Steve Pannell at the very beginning before settling into
shaved local cuttlefish with asparagus and edamame;  heavenly Brunz
river prawns with beef cheek sausage on jerez-glazed Puy lentils (
sensational); slow-braised shoulder of lamb with celeriac puree and
minted peas and perhaps the best lamb I have ever eaten; a little
pastry of cheese alongside ice cream I THINK but by this stage the
wonderful Justin Leith had so very assiduously been filling our
battery of stemware with glorious matching Pennell wines that really,
who can remember? It was a fantastic night topped up by the delicious
contrast of a nightcap of very dubious and entirely unnecessary shiraz
in the nearby sports bar where an old man sang into a karaoke machine
before being draped by several pretty girls in scanty dresses.

About victoria

Author of the gastro-memoir 'Amore&Amaretti: A Tale of Love an Food in Tuscany', I am a Byron Shire-based food and travel writer, food columnist, cooking teacher, recipe editor and chef. Born in Canberra, ACT, I have a BA in languages although am only really passionate about the Italian one, in which I am fluent, having spent four years in Tuscany in my late twenties, and returning reasonably frequently ever since. Despite that, my partner of many years, a wonderful artist, clothes designer and aged carer, is half-Greek!
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2 Responses to SC Pannell at Fins

  1. kym burrows says:

    Sounds wonderful Vic – I’m loving these stories of yours!

  2. Jane says:

    Assiduous filling of a battery of stemware – marvellous!

    More please!

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