Lunch at Rae’s

Jim Hearn is the head chef and had known the two Victorias were
coming. Sun bouncing off the Wategos waves as we settled into
wonderful Thai tastes : sticky sweet pineapple prawns and pork on
slightly crunchy rice then baby snapper in red curry on parchment, all
charred and smoky and crisp on the outside and bright white sweet
flesh within. Too full to properly then appreciate the lightly
battered banana with icecream and (more) rice this time black and
caramelly with palm sugar. It was all quite wonderful if it weren’t
for my private feeling everytime I eat Thai food, especially of this
calibre, which is the richness of it! The often cloying sweetness of
it! But what would I know! Perhaps my favourite part of the whole
lunch was when lovely Deb Gomez in her moonlighting job here brought
us three perfect just-shucked oysters and warm fingers of spongey
olive bread to dip into  mellow yellow oil. Sparkling mineral water
and the ocean beyond.

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Author of the gastro-memoir 'Amore&Amaretti: A Tale of Love an Food in Tuscany', I am a Byron Shire-based food and travel writer, food columnist, cooking teacher, recipe editor and chef. Born in Canberra, ACT, I have a BA in languages although am only really passionate about the Italian one, in which I am fluent, having spent four years in Tuscany in my late twenties, and returning reasonably frequently ever since. Despite that, my partner of many years, a wonderful artist, clothes designer and aged carer, is half-Greek!
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