Katrina’s Snow Cone

I have just returned from the tasting session preparatory to the
Sample Gala Dinner in a few weeks’ time. The table of women worked its
way through seafood and fish (trevalla and prawns a stand-out; scallop
carpaccio less so for me as I like my scallops cooked…); wonderfully
melting pork belly in a duck consomme; a rather unsatisfactory duck
dish with undressed herb salad and finally Katrina Kanetani’s snow
cone. It arrived in a large martini glass and was a riot of textures
and flavours and temperatures and was truly fantastic! I had dined at
her restaurant ‘Satiate’ in Bangalow on Friday with the Divine Ms
Savill and we had had the mostly excellent (though rich!) degustation
culminating in another wonderful dessert : mandarin curd in cannoli,
glossy blow-torched Italian meringue, buttery shortbread crumble….
Oh yes, as I was leaving today’s tasting (uncomfortably full for a
midday Monday and ever-so-gently buzzy from a parade of matching
wines) out came chocolates made by Richard Tuohy whom I am now lining
up to be the subject of a Food Column. The chocolates were SOOOO

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