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Author of the gastro-memoir 'Amore&Amaretti: A Tale of Love an Food in Tuscany', I am a Byron Shire-based food and travel writer, food columnist, cooking teacher, recipe editor and chef. Born in Canberra, ACT, I have a BA in languages although am only really passionate about the Italian one, in which I am fluent, having spent four years in Tuscany in my late twenties, and returning reasonably frequently ever since. Despite that, my partner of many years, a wonderful artist, clothes designer and aged carer, is half-Greek!

K and the magic gougères

When it came to entertaining, K was the most stylish woman I knew. And yet this stylishness stopped there; she was otherwise an unremarkable middle-aged woman who spurned makeup, whose short-cropped haircut resembled a grey helmet, whose legs she never bothered … Continue reading

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All fired up over pizzas

Every Sunday morning sixty loaves of their bread run out the door of the Crabbes Creek General Store. And to think it all came about because Jon, a builder, was making brick ovens… Anyone who has been to the Mullumbimby … Continue reading

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Restaurants: Mystique or Myth?

I have just finished reading a book called Four Kitchens. In it, chef/author Lauren Shockey describes her experiences over the course of one year in New York, Hanoi, Tel Aviv and Paris, cooking in restaurants. Having completed a course at … Continue reading

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What’s in a name?

Bell pepper, pimiento, capsicum, sweet pepper, bullnose pepper – depending on where you reside the name will vary. And Christopher Columbus can be blamed for the confusion: on his voyage to Asia, the land of the spice pepper, he entered … Continue reading

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Ask your butcher

There was a duck in my freezer, and it was time to bring it out. One of AJ’s beautiful birds, it would do wonderfully, I was thinking, for Gwyneth Paltrow’s Duck Ragu which I planned to serve to friends. Out … Continue reading

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Food 2012, the first 21 days

Already in only three weeks I have eaten some fantastic things, most notably the Blueberry Crumble Souffle with White Chocolate Mousse at Verve (Broadbeach Waters) last night. My God, what a stunning thing, crunchy-topped then your spoon dipped into warm … Continue reading

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Jammed up

It’s all very well turning your glut of fruit into jam – but what happens with your subsequent glut of jam? This, she confided to me during my latest visit home, was my mother’s current dilemma. Yes, she would happily … Continue reading

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Supersizing at Costco

It was to be one of my Canberra Christmas highlights. My sister had promised, for the purchase of our festive lunch ingredients, to take me to Costco. And in the light of what was to come it was an even … Continue reading

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Country – town – seaside

Especially during holidays the question surfaces. Where do you recommend for dinner? Asked not only by locals but also by visitors, it is a question with which I always have difficulty, on several levels. First of all, the delicate matter … Continue reading

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December, and Christmas

And so, once the midday champagnes had somewhat kicked in, it was time to get serious. We began with bugs and tiger prawns fat and sweet, aioli for dipping. Warm sourdough and lemon wedges, outside in a Canberra courtyard umbrella-shielded, … Continue reading

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